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Food Service

Our products are perfectly suited for kitchens who want to serve great food quickly, and consistently. Nearly anyone in the kitchen can prepare a delicious dish in minutes - saving time and reducing wastage! 


Quick Service Restaurants

Need to serve a snack or dessert in seconds? Our pancakes, crepes or blinis can be heated from frozen in

30 seconds - just add your toppings!

Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes

Trusted by kitchens around the world, our pancakes, crepes and blinis take the effort out of a staple on your menu. Reduce time and wastage with our wide range of sizes and flavours.


Aged Care

With options like our petite pancakes, blinis and fibre pikelets with a 4-star health rating, we have a range of options to keep residents excited about meals or

snacks. Easy to chew and crumble free with a great homemade taste!

School Lunch Programme

We have healthy product options, such as our fibre pikelets, which meet NZ school lunch programme nutritional requirements. Just thaw and serve. Simple.



All of our products are used regularly to entertain large groups. Our blinis and petite pancakes are a particular

popular choice. With sweet or savoury options and quick preparation time, see for yourself why caterers all over

the world choose our pancakes, crepes and blinis.

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