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Private Label

We currently supply global brands in the bakery and frozen categories, as well as supermarkets

brands around the world. If you would like to pack under your own brand, Van Dyck Fine Foods

can offer you a wide range of innovated solutions.


Your Product

Create your own recipe or adapt one of ours alongside our R&D Manager.


Specialising in pancake, crepe and blinis, we can meet your specific nutritional

targets and flavour profiles to meet your customer needs.

Your Brand

We have multiple packaging options available to suit your market. Boxes, plastic bags and individual wrapping - we can cater to your requirements.


We also assist with custom packaging artwork to ensure that your brand shines on shelf.

Van_Dyck_Fine_Foods_Your_Brand_Private Label_edited.jpg

Your Partner

We’re with you every step of the way. We have been launching high quality products for over 20 years and we’d love to chat about launching yours.


Launch successful products first time with an experienced partner.

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